This is an actual disgrace

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Applejuiceaj said:
If you feel 3PC are plaguing the game and need to go, why not practice what you're preaching - uninstall whatever 3rd party client you're using and stick with the normal client. Its definitely playable and brings back much of the challenge that is RuneScape. :)
The issue is you'd be putting yourself at a massive disadvantage against people who do use 3PC. You'd feel morally better than 3PC users, but may enjoy the game much less knowing the advantages such players continue to have over you. I took this stance for a while after runelite came out but eventually it seems pointless to put yourself at a disadvantage while you wait for jagex to grow a pair and deal with 3PC, meanwhile their features get more and more ridiculous.

07-Aug-2019 09:09:59

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