Clan system revised

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Clan system revised

more than just clan chat - factions

There should be bank/vaults for clans like in world of warcraft.

They could set a limit on how many items you could withdraw per day. maybe a variety of values? e.g any where from 1 to 7 depending the predetermined
set values made by the owner/leader of the clan (vaults could be organized into types of items such as armor, weapons, food, skilling supplies, etc)

Option to restrict access to the bank depending on rank in the clan for example to allow players or not allow players to withdraw items
from the bank depending on the rank of the individual player. (perhaps restrictions on deposits as well)

Hierarchy of clan top to bottom, highest to lowest rank.
Co-Owner (1 slot? I'm thinking 1 to 3 "co-owners" maximum.)
Admin (degrees of it?)
various other ranks with different names
Lowest rank - recruit
People of the same rank will not have power over each other

The leader & owner will have ultimate power over the clan.
They will be able to change all variables in the clan, such as other people's ranks. open/close the clan bank, set the daily withdraw limit e.g # of items
change the minimum rank needed to begin withdrawing items from the bank (or CB level? total level?). ability to change other people's ranks. kick/ban them from the clan, etc.
The ability to invite people to the clan.

The co-owner(s) will have the same power as the owner & leader. However they will be inferior to the owner/leader and therefore can be deranked, kicked or banned
from the clan by the true owner.

Admins - ability to change ranks of other players - kick/ban people from clan? - can invite people to clan,

The clan system here is more than just the clan chat. It's the idea that players can only be enrolled in one "true" clan. therefore they can't leave or enter any clan
via clan chat like it is now. maybe the clan system should be seperate from the clan chat.

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Players can only be assigned to one clan. therefore they can't readily leave and join other clans like the current clan chat system.
If they want to join another clan they have to have no current clan or they have to leave their current clan that they are a member of and they must be invited
to the clan before they can join.

The ability to invite people to the clan and the title/rank needed to do so can be changed e.g from only owner to general or recruit, etc. set by owner and maybe co owner?

Design some sort of privellege system based off of rank?

Perhaps a designable custom interface unique to the clan to provide a description of the clan and what type of clan it is that the owner can modify?

Clan name system: the name of the clan itself - cannot be a duplicate.

Rank name system? or original/actual names? e.g admin, etc.

Profile for the clan - look at individual players in the clan - ability to see their rank, how long they been in the clan and perhaps some other
background information?

Highscore clan system: the top clans in the game ranked on hiscores/scoring system/broad.

Examples: best overall all clan rank numbers.
Variables - most player kills, most player damage, most monster kills, most monster damage
most boss kills, most boss damage, most total experience of all players (earned in clan?), most total level of all skills,
most achievement diarys/challenges completed. most quest points, most quests completed,
highest combat skill levels, highest skilling skill levels, longest time spent in game e.g hours and minutes.
Richest clan? - clan with highest amount of players? (or maybe set a limit of players per clan?).

Best skilling clan
Best player killing clan
Best monster killing clan
Best combat clan
Best questing clan
Best boss killing clan

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Most of these hiscore stats would be non-transferable to other clans so you can't just quit a clan, join another one and boost their stats without rightfully deserving it.
the total skill level of the clan would be variable if a player quit the clan for example though.

There should be a distinction from most experience earned and total player experience. experience earned would be fixed and won't be adjusted for if players quit the clan
or just joined it - individuals must earn experience to increase this and it will stay with that particular clan. however total player experience wouldn't. meaning that
if a person with a total level for example of 2000 quits the clan then the clan loses that total level/total experience level from the clan and if they join another clan
e.g preferably after a fixed period of time to prevent spamming then those stats will go to the other clan.

Toggable option to enable being invited to a clan by someone or not
In-game text indication of someone else being in a clan if you invite them to your clan but they are already in one.
Indication to recieving an invitation? esp if your in a clan or not.

some ideas:

Bank vault has a limit of items and/or money in it? to prevent GP selling, etc. perhaps no money allowed to be deposited in to it?
Set number of items you can deposit per day?

Items get deleted if the clan is abandoned?

clan must be fairly active to keep it open?

Clan party groups? e.g 2 to 4? -that similar level players can form and train together to share experience points split? must be active

The player who is setting up a clan and making it must pay some gold to make it and must have a certain number of hours played or combat level or skill total? or experience total? or perhaps some sort of combination of these? to prevent just anyone starting a clan like a new player at level 3 making a huge clan and having multiple people doing that over and over.

Log system:
There's an issue of co-owners, etc - abusing their power.

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More Ideas:

Restrict certain players from access to the bank?
e.g not allowing or allowing certain players to withdraw/deposit items not based off of rank but based off of each individual player or a combination of both? e.g a certain rank can deposit and withdraw from the bank for example a sergeant rank can withdraw or deposit into the clan's bank vault - but if they are player "there name here" they cannot withdraw or deposit even they are rank "sergeant" or perhaps if they are player "name here" they can withdraw deposit despite their current rank of recruit because of special privilege from the owner?

So that would mean there's two methods to determine if someone can withdraw or deposit (have access) to the bank or not and it would be by that individual player, or by there rank and it could be combined and meshed together.

Rank immunity - the idea that an inferior rank, or the same rank of people do not have power over each other. for example an admin can't kick or derank another admin, etc - but the co-owner or owner can derank, kick or ban the admin - the co owner can't kick, derank or ban the owner, etc - but the owner can do that to the co-owner. Therefore the individual's current rank means they only have power over inferior ranks. - This would prevent admins and equal ranked players "authority" fighting each other e.g trying to derank, kick and ban each other.

The rank resets to recruit if you join then leave a clan.
if you join a clan your rank is automatically set back to recruit and if you leave a clan you lose your rank unless the authorities of the clan give you back your rank such as the owner for example.

Perhaps a button on the clan system interface that shows online/offline players + a daily/weekly planner note from owner e.g a daily message "we are going PKing today against another clan" - option to toggle off seeing offline players

friendly fire turned off in PK zones for clan wars

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