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Ruim Nome

Ruim Nome

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[Minigames and other]

Is it possible to add single bank fillers to the bank for organization? They could occupy bank space just like the current bank fillers but not be eliminated with the Clear-All option. One way could be to add a right click option to a regular bank filler to "Lock" it.

Many items can be connected to different parts of the game and can be a pain to organize in bank when using tabs, maybe there could be a way to make an item occupy two or more bank spaces, I wouldn't say to split the quantity between the spaces but rather so that it would be possible to put and access the item on two separate tabs. For example, I like to keep sets of armor close to each other, let's say the diaries gear, however I often use the Ardy cloak when PvMing so I would like to keep it close to my combat gear as well, this way I can have a tab with my skilling tab which includes the diary gear and my combat tab both containing the cloak close to the stuff I use it with.

16-Feb-2018 15:22:48



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Barbarian Assault: Make poison/stun eggs more useful. Rework autofill room (e.g. by using it to fill teams in room 1). Rework reward armour (e.g. runner hat/boots reduce weight, full set effect, in-game effects, etc.).

Champion's Challenge: F2P monsters should drop champion scrolls in F2P worlds (see my full thread on this topic).

Gnome Restaurant: Wait until initial dialogue is finished to start the timer.

Mage Training Arena: As someone else mentioned, the enchanting minigame needs a reward/point system rework. As it is, nobody plays the game except to world hop picking up dragonstones.

Sorceress's Garden: A fun minigame but right now not quite viable as a main training method, and the fact that you need more squirks for juices that give less xp is quite strange (and makes all but summer and autumn unviable for training). I suggest increasing the farming xp given (and lowering the squirk requirement to two for all season) to make this a niche training method for players seeking to train both farming and thieving.

Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup: Increase the wc xp given to make chopping bushes a viable (though not optimal) training method.

Games Room: Add a highscores. Allow staking. Not really QoL, but add a take-home version of each game as a reward to be placed in PoH games rooms.

Make it easier to change appearances in PoH bedroom wardrobes and dressers.

Make the keyring wearable.
Old School Update Priority: Fix Broken Skills > Revitalize Dead Minigames > Everything Else

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Week 2 - Skilling
Week 4 - Minigames and other

hi i would like to see another way of training crafting for ironman currently the only way to train is charter ships, please could you increase the silver bars in temple trekking i did it for a hour today and i didn't even get 100 bars with blue tokens but you can get over 3k bow strings in a hour, Im not looking for a exp increase im just looking for another option, i like to play the game instead of hoping worlds buying supply's from a shop, They did it on rs3 you can get 55-165 bars on osrs you get 5-50 bars and 90% of the time its 5 bars please take a look at adding another way to train can even add a increase rate to Morytania Diary medium if you have to justify it

thank you for your time

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[Minigames and other]

Quick Inventory/Equipment - Having 1 or more buttons that auto fills your inventory/equip slots

I mainly want this for clue scrolls. When farming clues it gets annoying having to go through your bank and take every item needed (spade,coord stuff, teletabs, teleport jewelry, etc.)

Skillers say this will devalue their 99s by increasing exp rates. While it may be marginally better we could potentially make this quick setup for clues only or something.

19-Feb-2018 00:23:54

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[Pvm] & [other]

there are a few quality of life suggestions I have towards pvm and general game play

1) re-work some of the osrs map to include in raid scouting for the chambers of xeric this way players can scout raids more efficiently and safer than third party clients

2) in game interface timers. likewise to scouting not using third party clients instantaneously puts you at a disadvantage from a variety of perspectives though I don't expect to see a rectangular box showing you how much time you have left I would like to bring up the idea for example drinking an overload receiving a reminder 'your overload has two minutes left' in your chat to make it easier to manage buffs in raids or nmz

3) xp/hr estimations. under the xp drop down in the official client you can see your xp or set goals and what not I would equally like to bring up the possibility of being able to measure your current experience per hour when training in real time

4) camera distance. the current camera distance seems relatively too close I'd like to see the possibility of being zoomed out an additional 10-20%

5) accurate grand exchange values. without third party clients buying items on the grand exchange can be difficult without knowing an accurate price I would like to see these price resemble G.E averages closer

6) left click banking. currently with the official client you need to right click nearly every npc to bank exchange or perform special actions which make various things such as banking while training your skills rather inconvenient I'd particularly like to see the grand exchange npc's have the left click function to make using the grand exchange or bank easier there aren't any circumstances in which a player will ever go through the dialogue to open a bank or grand exchange

I would post more suggestions but I don't have enough characters
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19-Feb-2018 17:59:31

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