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Fated gaming

Fated gaming

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I would like to talk about possible changes to membership and how it operates.
So current you can buy membership and credit your account with membership days.
After each passing day it uses up one membership day.

I am a father a partner a uncle a brother a son.
I work i travel i feed the homeless i educate others.
To be put simply i cannot dedicate 30 days of my life to osrs as much as i would like to stay home and tune out of my day to day life but the reality of it is that there just isnt enough time in my days.

What i am asking is that you allow us to credit our rs accounts and only have the days taken from our accounts on the days we use them.
Recently i have brought 1 months membership credit and have only been able to play about 1 week total.

I feel as though i am paying for something and getting the bitter end of the stick by paying for 30 days and literally only using 7 of those 30 days play time.
It is as if im paying for something and not getting my full worth out of it because you guys operate the membership credit the way you do.

Thanks -Fated gaming

11-May-2019 00:11:42

Iron Robsham
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Iron Robsham

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So their subscription model works in basically the exact same way as every other subscription service in the world, and your proposal is for them to continue giving you subscription level access whenever you feel like you want it, but in a way where you would only pay them a quarter of the already fairly cheap fee? How could this ever make sense for them from a business perspective?

Besides, pay as you go services always end up charging a much higher rate than the subscription to make up for the above problem, so I bet if this ever did happen it would only benefit people that play a tiny amount - like 2 or 3 days a month.

Ultimately, this game only exists as long as it makes money, and any proposals that hurt its ability to do so would hurt the game, so no ty.
Anyone that wants changes to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

11-May-2019 01:58:57 - Last edited on 11-May-2019 02:08:19 by Iron Robsham

Ta5te It
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Ta5te It

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I'm that guy that might log in 3 or 4 times a month I still don't mind paying for a full months membership, it's just how these things are done. Membership fee's are very cheap on this game anyway, it seems like a lot of effort to change it to save a few players a dollar a month.

11-May-2019 23:28:05

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