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John is sexy

John is sexy

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Thoughts on adding in Vorago from RS3? It was a really cool boss that some of us would love to see in OSRS. Also, any form of flaming will be reported to forums help, so please refrain from doing so. :) L2PK nubnubs. Can't do that? L2escape nubnubs. Can't do that either? L2not enter the wilderness nubnubs.

15-May-2019 01:55:23

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This thread, made by one of your alts, was just locked....

But I will once more say that I support.
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15-May-2019 02:11:36

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It's best to not recreate a recently locked thread. Especially when Jagex has said they wouldn't A) put it up for a poll currently and B) you'd need over 70% of the community to vote in such overpowered items. ~Tranq~
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