Small quality of life updates

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feel free to make suggestions and I'll add them

There's been lots of talk about "Quality of life" updates lately, which is great, but there's plenty of things that I find quite grating and i know others do too, and i don't feel would be that difficult to remedy. ie;

1) Opening the skill guide in stat menu interrupts pretty much any action, which especially for skilling i find annoying, as it can be a good distraction to quickly check up on a level requirement you'd forgotten or what have you. I can understand combat interrupting it though even that, I would rather it didnt. This also applies to other in-game menus too, by the way.
1a)suggested by a clan member: Similar problem, but on mobile, apparently to check XP you have to click the skill like you do for skill guide on pc, and sometimes that will interrupt actions too

2) I run a clan so maybe I'm more tuned into this than others, but CC disconnection when hopping worlds. For those who don't know, if you're hopping worlds fairly regularly you'll sometimes find that you werent reconnected to the CC.
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31-May-2019 14:24:52

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If they could put into the settings as an option. Would be most appropriate under collapsable side panels, then the option to open quick guide without interruptions. I got no idea how the games mechanics work, so I dunno if its even a feasible option.

08-Jun-2019 20:38:26

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