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Something needs to be done with Vet'ion, here's a short list of possible solutions.

1) Remove one of its forms.
2) Remove the hellhounds (or only spawn lv214 ones on reborn)
3) Nerf the crushing defense of greater hellhounds
4) Allow players to attack Vet'ion while hellhounds have been spawned.

I also believe that wilderness boss loot should be buffed back to its glory days (used to be 100k+ every single kill when they were new). They are harder than zulrah and in the wilderness, they should at least have comparable loot.


I also believe that something should be done with the wilderness lava maze dungeon. I'm mostly a PvM'er and I absolutely love the feeling of danger when fighting profitable monsters in the wilderness and support risk-vs-reward playstyle. The lava maze is completely out of date dead content with so much potential for endgame. A new boss monster or rebuilt dungeon could be introduced there, even if it was a safe-zone like kbd lair it would be better than nothing. The two unpopular demi-boss's could use a little bit of love too...

Oh and please buff slayer monster loot because things like gargoyles and Nec.hryael's have loot comparable to mid-level f2p monsters... you're basically killing monsters that drop bad loot... to unlock monsters that drop bad loot... until the highest levels.

Ask Mod Ash about that slayer dungeon idea I talked to him about which he liked, the one with rooms/keys/boss, he should remember it and if not it was in a twitter msg a couple weeks ago. The original idea was wilderness but it doesn't have to be wildy.

PS... Buff Torag's Hammers

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an option in quick-prayer to ignore a certain prayer being activated or not.

If I set ignore to protect item... It won't turn it off when deactivating quick prayer.

(btw buff torag hammers)

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