Ultimate IM Deadman Mode

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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Ultimate Ironman Deadman Mode is a server where all players are ultimate ironmen in a deadman mode server. This will be a server where the most hardcore of players can shine. Pking is allowed but pointless since everyone is a uim.


13-May-2019 20:42:19

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Draco Burnz said:
No support.

Theres enough IM versions as is IMO.

It's not a new IM version.

I discovered this by reading the suggestion, you should try it sometime.
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14-May-2019 00:28:27

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Would this be a third type of game version (like a dedicated server world) and what type of world would that be? Do you honestly think this game type would justify having its own dedicated server, given that the Static Deadman servers have very few players, and the ultimate ironman game mode is the least played game mode.

What makes you think that combining two things people dislike will suddenly make it popular? Please explain yourself thoroughly, because I see absolutely no merit in this suggestion as of now. Convince me otherwise.
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14-May-2019 23:25:27

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