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We have very limited options for higher or lower the settings for a graphics play on PC and mobile from time to time mobile is the ladder and leave it on the PC client there is hardly any options at all for the adjustment of graphics quality remove roofs next basically it and sound options I mean I get that do you want to run the game at at current quality for game value I guess you could say you could throw a little option in there to lower the quality for those in need option and yes I could use a lot of periods and commas in this I'm not here for an English lesson LOL get rid of the bots.... I know the box I giving you guys numbers and money as well as helping themselves I don't understand that it's a necessary evil is going to come a day when the bots takeover.... It's even worse on free worlds members worlds aren't as bad but you got people making money off to you guys and you're not benefiting from it I guess in a way you are because you got the players you got the numbers that's all you want because I've been here for 19 years now I remember a RuneScape when there was one server with 1200 max players I remember I RuneScape where I paid 1.2 million GP for my first r2 hander I remember RuneScape blue rose and the old Knight r.i
P smithing in varrock I remember my RuneScape cares about the the bots use get rid of the bots random players not full moderator player that just enough power to monitor these bots and officially get rid of them I'll be your number one volunteer
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Legit, I tried reading it but just couldn't. Use some fucking paragraphs please. Don't spite vote all PvP updates because of how frightened you are of PKers and then cry about how everything needs to be shoved in as integrity

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