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Warlord Oli
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Warlord Oli

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Hey everyone,

I have a question about the Beaver pet: can you receive the pet while you're cutting your own hardwood trees on Fossil Island; that you planted yourself?

So say you've planted a Teak tree on Fossil Island, can you get the pet from there?
(I've seen vids and pictures of people receiving pets from normal trees; never from the Teak/Mahogany trees on Fossil Island.)

For days, I've been searching on Google, Reddit, Youtube, Wiki... to find an answer but no one can confirm it.

Thanks in advance!

PS: didn't know where else to post this thread.. ;)

23-Apr-2019 16:22:10

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As far as I know, the beaver pet can be obtained through Farming when cutting your own trees. But I’m not 100% about your situation.

Best bet to get an official confirmation would be to ask during the Q&A which is on Wednesdays (?)

24-Apr-2019 00:58:55

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Wrong forum.
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