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I have been playing for years. YEARS. I have had recurring membership for over a decade now. Can we, as a dedicated playerbase. PLEASE come up with something . our playerbase needs to band together and be given more power how to deal with the toxicity in the game. jagex is not caring about osrs. they are understaffed and underpaid. Rs3 and the mtx is where its at in their mind since its making them more money. JAGEX GIVE MORE PMODS> JAGEX DO SOMETHING ABOUT SCAMMERS> READ THE REPORT ABUSES THAT PLAYERS MAKE FOR ONCE> ive been on w 302 for 3 days now with the SAME people on my ignore list still spamming doubling money and rng games. like read the report abuses? something give accounts with maturitty priorty reports/ ive spent days clicking report report report and nothings happening. i get it . 100,000 bots are deleted a week. but it seems like you guys are in the deficit here. I just want to help this game get to something better. bots have always been a problem. im sorry but battleye protocal or something is necessary. im willing to trade in 3rd party lazy scape clients over bots annnnnnnnnnnny day. please. you guys even wrecked a country because now people over there make click farms and make 300$ a month off botting a game. JAGEX JAGEX JAGEX. tsk tsk. i cant believe this game now.
/endrant i got scammed for 20m and i really dont want to make that be the last time i log in.

13-May-2019 01:32:21

Iron Robsham
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Iron Robsham

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How on earth does someone that has been playing for years. YEARS. Get taken for 20m? I agree Jagex need to do better on bots though. Anyone that wants changes to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

13-May-2019 08:44:11

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