Sitting on furniture.

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Having gone through RuneScape3 like badasses I'm sure you Jagex Team can assuredly make sitting on benches in the remotes of runescape more than just scenery, chairs and stools around the picasos finally something other than a random npc because you just havnt figured out that sitting down on the furniture is what is really needed now- I know you guys want this update the most!

As do I!

Bar chairs. Falador pub has 40chairs, mate. Lets use them!

Also the option to just plain sit on the ground like how the resting was done in RS3, but this time without the energy restoration.
In several different kinds of manor, of course.
I wouldn't mind setting my back up propped to a wall.
or even do that just plain anywhere with a straight back- looking like a stubborn child.

the same mechanics for poh tables and chairs can be applied to benches all throughout Gielinor. Church benches. Traveling benches out in the lands of Gielinor.

Stumps if you want to give them a shot.
Chairs in castles.

I believe its time you guys can do this!
RS3 link to Rogue Ninja Civilization.
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22-Oct-2017 20:50:51

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Mate as soon as i seen this threads name i'm like YES irl lol

Make it happen pl0x, i've always wanted to sit down in runescape since starting back in 2001 lol not even kidding either.

100% Support

22-Oct-2017 20:55:35

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