Sitting on furniture.

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Avenger 1992 said:
Damn, NannyOgg. I like your style- keep to your RuneScape values!

You guys should get your pictures taken down by the Make-Over-Mage.

Haha, just a lively imagination. But when the resting system was first introduced in RS2, I was a bit disappointed with the two awkward resting emotes we then had. Would love to see something nicer for sitting. Minus the energy pot negating side effect of having your run energy replenished so stupidly fast ;)

18-Feb-2018 19:58:54

Youre a Gonk

Youre a Gonk

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Support. Since I was a kid, I've always wanted the ability to sit down on those chairs that are physically impossible to sit down on.
Let's hope this added support brings this into the game, and also shuts Crypt Reaper up.

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