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Very bad skill icon mock-up:

I realize that this was merely an April Fools joke, but I believe that-if modified-it actually has real potential.

This part could use some work, though:

Tactical Nukes

Reaching level 99 is a momentous achievement, so much so that we give you some truly massive fireworks to show how much time you’ve wasted. For Advanced Warfare, we want to take that a step further by giving you the biggest firework around, a Tactical Nuke. Upon reaching 99 Advanced Warfare, players will unlock the Tactical Nuke. When it is activated, it will display a 30 second countdown to every player on every world. Once that countdown reaches 0, every world will be obliterated in an irreversible fiery explosion of doom. This will permanently close the worlds and shut down Old School forever.

plz no lock this thread I rly do think that a modified version of this skill as proposed would be awesome plz ty.

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Thread closed as it really doesn't have that much here that is a suggestion.

If you feel it has potential, then you should explain that potential. Rather than give a section that 'needs work', explain how you would rework it. There really isn't much of a 'suggestion' here that can be discussed as 'do this' doesn't provide much context.

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