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Various new resources should be added such as a Twisted Tree for logs to fletch a Twisted Bow or an Elder Rock with ores to ultimately smelt and smith into an Elder Maul. These resources would help rejuvenate skilling profits since it has a high skill cap through tactics such as 3 tick fishing unlike brainlessly afking a brutal black dragon on 17 Venezuelan gold farming alts. Since PvM is far more braindead than skilling, it shouldn't be getting better profits. These resources could also be instanced to be ironman-friendly. Alternatively, we could just remove the resources from PvM drop tables. Discuss and please keep it civil. :) Don't solely bash risky drop tables and not the risk-free ones then wonder why the JGods shut your opinions out when analyzing why PvP polls never pass.

06-Jun-2019 17:38:33

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