Just a few ideas.

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1.) Another option for safe-spot melee or make the Rune Halberd have a higher attack bonus to hit more often. Even with 70+ attack and strength, it misses or hits low.
Dragon Halberd could move up to 60 strength requirement and put a different level halberd between Dragon and Rune. Would be neat and practical to make it Granite, Void, or possibly the chance to have an Elemental one after finishing the Elemental Workshop quests.
Dragon Halberd already has high requirements with Quests, so it would make sense to have another introduced in Quests, just slightly easier ones :D

2.) For bot ball busting, certain NPC's for thieving reasons should also have a defence/strength level requirement. Would only affect NPC's, not stalls.

3.) Runecrafting has died out besides the Abyss, but for us simple folk, could we just increase the amount of experience gained from each essence when used on an altar? Or a tiara that costs GP, bought through NMZ points, or Wilderness points that gives 2x experience.

4.) Back to melee, another addition of a lvl65+ one-handed weapon that does not cost millions. Its stats could even resemble a Dragon Scimitar, and give a viable option to lazy people like me who would rather kill than quest.

Just spitballing, have not read through Forums to see if these topics have been raised. If this post is obselete, please remove. Looking forward to feedback though.

08-Jun-2019 20:30:22

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1) Halberds aren't really meant to be good. Even the crystal halberd is lousy dps as it is so slow. They are only vaguely useful for their niche of being melee weapons with a range more than 1 square.

2) I don't see how this would really do anything to stop bots.

3) NO. Simple folk can train rcing just like everyone else has. Not every skill needs to be fast XP, it certainly shouldn't be doubled just for lazy people.

4) Just stop being lazy and do quests lol.

08-Jun-2019 21:40:42

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