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So you know there are players out there with incredible luck when it comes to NOT getting rare stuff? It's almost like an achievement to see how long you can go without getting the drop!

Introducing the Stuffed home made Doll Boss pets!

You closing in on 5000 kills on the mighty Zamorakian general? The massive demon K'ril Tsutsaroth in hopes of one day obtaining the pet? Well you got the next best thing! After receiving 5000 kills you received the "K'ril" Stuffaroth. The poorly made replica some gnome child made waiting for its parent to return home from the Khazard battlefield!

It has stunning details like buttons for eyes, thick cross stitches and off set weird ketchup color! Also missing a few limbs kudos to the terrorbird but who cares, be proud! You deserved it!

So i was thinking this could be a set reward for some of the more insane and unlikely achievements. If you do get 5000 Gwd boss kills and no pet, this could be a fun achievement thing to show it off with.

I'm a bit torn between yes and no on the pet only being obtainable if you don't have the ACTUAL boss pet or not, it would be rather amusing but at the same time i think plenty of people who are completionists would find it very inconvenient.

What do you think? Should some of the bigger bosses get a scrappy "Well you tried" version of the pet both to taunt you but at the same time reward you? :)

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I would say no for the reason you listed because then you would be creating items in the game that would essentially be impossible to obtain for some players. Bring memes to OSRS general forum

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