Option to change chat colours?

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I support. Many times have I struggled to see different chats when they are bunched together. Although there are toggles for the different chats (to be able to turn them on/off) this sometimes gets aggravating when you accidentely turn a chat off in the heat of a moment.

17-Apr-2014 23:50:45

Armed Donkey

Armed Donkey

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Would be nice eventually I suppose, though I don't know how well it would be. I know it was nice on the livegame when you played full screen, cus some colors stand out much better on the see-through chat log, but idk about this one

18-Apr-2014 10:33:58

Mar Member 2014


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I can't see a reason not to support this. It doesn't seem like it would take a large amount of resources to implement and if someone does not like it, simply leave things the default color. Support from me. Molon Labe

20-Apr-2014 01:45:55

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