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hi guys/gals, as a long time player as most of the community is, they pitch the idea of warding, and that skill needs to create new armors and new items, but what i think is being missed is that most gear in old school is why we all came back to osrs. what made us all want old school was the simplicity it brings. like for example a guy is wearing full bandos whip and a defender, a low level player is like that looks sweet! i want that someday. by the time they get around to it runescape have thrown multiple different armors that is better then it and it becomes confusing for a lot. so my suggestion is why can't we just upgrade current gear such and bandos, and barrows, and whip? its the stuff we all fell in love with, why do we need to have 60 different variants of armor in the game? i think we are ready for a new skill and new content, but i don't think we are ready for more gear or want more gear.

23-Jul-2019 14:27:47

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Ah yes, we're all very nostalgic when we see someone walking with a dragon/avernic defender, amulet of torture, primordial boots, ferocious gloves. Also when they wear their Nightmare Zone-imbued berserker ring and slay in a Nightmare Zone-imbued slayer helmet. Who can forget the ultimate nostalgic feeling they get when they see an infernal cape too. So much nostalgia, you're right warding would ruin this.... O_o

23-Jul-2019 14:54:06

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we still want warding though
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