Petrified trees, fish and more

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A new type of high level tree called the petrified tree that is made of stone and requires 85 mining and woodcutting and a pick axe to chop. It yields petrified logs which can be lit with a new item, the Infernal Tinderbox (85 Firemaking). The infernal tinderbox is made by using a smouldering stone on a tinderbox. Petrified logs will burn for a longer period of time than a usual log and when burned out drop molten lumps which can be smelted to produce a random assortment of 3 metal ores with lower chances for higher level ores.
The infernal tinderbox can be used to light bonefires which use 4 logs and give very high xp rates.

With 85 hunter and 85 strength the player can catch Rock Kebbits. These can only be caught using a (Metal) Net. These come in variants of each metal up to rune and can be smithed with levels corresponding to each metal type. Higher grade metals increase success chance of catching a Rock Kebbit. Rock Kebbits drop petrified meat which when used with a hammer produce Stoney Bait and Stone Kebbit Spikes can be used with a chisle to produce Stone Arrow Heads, which with 85 fletching can be used to make stone arrows.

A new type of fish, the Stoney Bass that can be found in fishing spots in lava much like the lava eel. This fish requires 85 fishing to catch and must be caught with a Stone Fishing Rod (crafted with 85 crafting with petrified logs and a low success rate of 1%). The fishing rod uses Stoney Bait. This fish requires 85 cooking and will heal for 26 hp.

With 85 mining and 85 agility you can mine stalactites. They will have a chance to smash on the ground, the ones you catch yield Geodes. Geodes can be smashed with a hammer to produce 5 random gems with lower chances scaling with value of the gem up to onyx but better chances than gem rocks.

Lastly a Dragon pick-axe. Made with 95 smithing it combines both an axe and pick axe.

This could all be added to some kind of Zeah Tzhaar area that could be added in the future.

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Is this for RS3 or OSRS?

Probably OS, which is further down the page.

Petrified logs aren't wood anymore, they're stone. You can't burn stone.
Also, how will smelting something suddenly produce ore? Smelting does the exact opposite: turning ore into metal.
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You smelt the metal lumps to seperate the metal types because it's a mixture of slag and metal. Sure, it could be changed to produce bars.

The part about burning stone? It doesn't matter, I knew it didn't make sense but this is runescape. It's a high level log and takes a lot of skill to burn a rock. Also coal is a rock that's made of plant matter and it burns doesn't it? Clearly the logs could be explained as being made of carbon.

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This is not a RS3 post so it can't make a pickaxe I've never heard of obsolete.

That's even worse, new BiS pick is suddenly 35 levels better than the previous?

Like others said, you posted in the wrong section.
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