black d hide nerfs?

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Jul Member 2019


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It's true that black dhide is very good compared to its price but I don't think it is an integrity issue and thus I wouldnt change something that's been this way for like 15 years.

Tbh black dhide is OK. It's just that karil and armadyl offer so small amount of superior stats. Rune armor is cheap and strong too - the difference here is that barrows melee armor is so much stronger.

I would suggest some type of ranged equivalent of the justiciar armor from future content.
- High mage defense
- Low ranged bonus
- Negative mage and melee bonus
- Expensive

09-Jul-2019 20:38:37

cooke fletch

cooke fletch

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The only talk I have seen is pkers that are mad that rcer can occasionally get away from them because of the d armor. Stop being a entitled snowflake. If you want something in game, earn it rather than demand it be given to you.

09-Jul-2019 22:00:27

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