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Can we offer a Ring of life scroll that offers a change to the ring of life, where you toggle a tele as soon as you begin to disconnect e.g. as soon as it states 'attempting to reconnect to server'. This could save stupid deaths by iron men and if you die as a main bossing anywhere if you need it. If to OP you could have it as an either or with its original function?

This could just save so many unfair deaths on HCIM where not everyone will have constant perfect connection. Also, the diamond, for such a high tier gem, really has little value anyway. I feel like it should be feasible as you potentially lose a best in slot ring for a life saving ring.

Though, this effect has no ability within the wilderness? And can be purchased either in NMZ or as a clue reward (like the ring of wealth scroll)?
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30-Apr-2019 14:30:52

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I'd support, but I don't think it's possible.
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