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I don't think this is a good idea. The people who stamp their feet and demand the game become easier will never find that this suggestion is enough for them. I think the biggest issue with rcing (and most skills) is that they are rubbish gp/h compared to PvM content, mainly due to the stupid resource/rune stuffed droptables of said PvM content. I'd rather this was looked into rather than making skills easier.

26-Jun-2019 22:50:08



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Iron Robsham said:
Allegr0 said:
Firstly, I'd like to say that this has nothing to do with making the game "easier", rather, less tedious. There's an unsettling confusion of the terms within this community, and if everyone is just admitting that the difficulty of RuneScape comes from tedium, then we have bigger problems on our hands.

Second, for the resources used (even including time as a resource), Runecrafting has insane profitability. It is one of my greatest sources of income and is the only skill save for mining and woodcutting (two other despised skills in my experience) where you can purchase the raw materials and make, at minimum, 27 times your initial investment, and the growth in profit at higher levels is obscene. For example, hourly estimates on Astrals at 50 RC is above 350k, better than most mid level PvM profit.

I stand by my assessment that the fact that RC is click intensive is the only factor that makes it so hated.
You're simply wrong about this not making the game/skill easier. Probably because you're the only one around here suffering from some confusion about the definition of the word easy.

adjective: easy; comparative adjective: easier; superlative adjective: easiest

1. achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties.

Your proposal massively reduces the effort required to runecraft. Therefore, as per the definition of the word easy, it makes it easier.

Grinding is an established part of MMOs, and the amount of effort required by a grind generally dictates how rare, and therefore how prestigious, the completion of it is. RS3 and WoW both failed to acknowledge this, they both decided to make everything low effort so everyone could have everything. And what happened? Their player numbers crashed because when everyone has everything then nothing has any value, and everyone stops caring enough to actually do any of it.

27-Jun-2019 15:22:42



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And 350k gp/h isn't mid level PvM content lol. 350k/h is what you get killing dust devils or green dragons or.... brine rats idk.. Mid level content would be something like lizardman shamans, or giant mole or barrows which can be 1mil/h easily, maybe doing Corp, kbd or gwd in a team, maybe Zulrah/vorkath (3-4mil/h) at the higher end of mid lvl content.. High lvl/endgame content is raids 1 or 2 (5m+/h).

At lvl99 rc you're lucky if you make over 1mil gp/h rcing., whereas you can do a dozen easy mid level PvM bosses or slayer monsters and make that. When it is so easy to make far more gp doing basic low req low effort PvM content, making 1mil gp/h from rcing is absolutely not 'insane profitability'.

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