A new quest - A Random Affair

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The questline would involve some random event characters, sandwich lady, genie etc.

Quest Requirements are as follows: 45 Agility 48 Herblore 60 Magic 50 Construction 54 Cooking

No Quests are needed in order to begin this quest.

Just another day in the Realm of the Random that is until people across Gielinor begin to disappear...Evil Bob has been up to his old tricks, he is experimenting and trying to make anti-versions of people, namely the other random event characters.

By the time you are approached for assistance Evil Bob has perfected his experiments and thrown the Realm of the Random into chaos.

Some have been captured, others have gone into hiding postie pete, molly, the genie etc (there's so many it's hard to include them all) but that's the basic setting here.

The quest giver will be postie pete found at his usual locations excluding the bandit store in the wild, if you agree to assist he will teleport you to where the other random event characters are hiding, In order to assist you must go to the random events realm and you will need their help to make a machine capable of transporting you there, with a requirement of 50 construction then it has to be imbued with magic, using level 60 magic and 1 of every rune type excluding wrath runes and combo runes) using this machine will teleport you to the center of an area with 4 entrances around you, 3 for the anti random fights and one for the final fight against Evil Bob himself.

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I want the main anti-randoms to be unique to their events, the first of which being the anti-wise old man and the death maze, filled with traps (45 Agility) and anti-creatures vying for your destruction with the normal wise old man at the center of the maze, you will have to defeat the anti-wise old man in order to free him and gain his help.

The anti-wise old man (Level 101, 150 HP) will use a combination of magic and melee attacks against you. His melee attacks will be rather weak with a max hit of 9 mage attacks will be far superior with a max hit of 18. Both of which will be able to be blocked 100% using prayer.

The second anti-random encounter would be with the anti-sandwich lady, this would take place in her restaurant where she has cooked up all manner of disgusting abominations, you will have to use your cooking skill (54 cooking) to turn 3 of her "meals" back into normal food, such as the square sandwich, the bread roll, and the meat pie, the fight trigger would be you attempting to take her "anti-baguette" (has the appearance of a moldy baguette)

The anti-sandwich lady (Level 160 200HP) will use a combination of melee and ranged attacks (throwing rotten food at you) once you defeat her you will gain her help. Her max hit with melee will be 12 while also having the chance at spoiling a piece of food in your inventory, her max hit with her ranged attack will also be 12. Both of which will be able to be blocked 100% using prayer.

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The third and final anti-random would be anti-jekyll and hyde, this would take place in a dilapidated house akin to the architecture of draynor manor-ish, to go along with the whole mad scientist theme. You will have to find notes in a room before you fight the anti-jekyll and hyde detailing how to make a specific potion (48 herblore) to calm hyde down, you will have to throw this potion on him after you defeat him in the fight and gain his help.

The anti-jekyll and hyde (level 200 250HP) will use melee attacks the entire fight, becomes enraged at 50% HP where his attack speed doubles and will begin to partially hit through prayer. Max hit will be 12 un-enraged, and 20 while enraged with prayers reducing damage by 50%.

The final fight would be against Evil Bob himself who will spew insults at you regarding your inferiority to him!

You will have the assistance of The Wise Old Man, The Sandwich Lady, and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. Along with fighting alongside you, The Wise Old Man will provide you with magical support hindering Evil Bobs prayer mechanic (explained below), The Sandwich lady will provide you with a few pieces of food throughout the fight, and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde will throw support potions on you that would raise either your range, mage, or melee stats equivalent to a super potion (of which you will need all 3 styles for the fight)

Evil Bob (Level 666 800-1000 HP, I want the HP to be high so you can experience the mechanics but also not to high to point where it will just be a daunting task to undertake) Evil Bob will have multiple protection prayers active of which there are 3 variants.

Range-Mage requiring you to use Melee ----- Mage-Melee requiring you to use Ranged ----- Melee-Range requiring you to use Mage

The wise old man will cast a spell on Evil Bob that will cause him to switch which combination prayer he is using at the time at an interval of 28 seconds per each switch.

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Evil Bob will also summon minions that you will have to defeat lest they get out of hand!!! The minions will all be (Level 66 with 30 HP) he will summon 1 at a time randomly switching between a ranged minion, mage minion, or melee minion, max hits will be 6 with their respective skills, prayers will block 100% of the damage from them.

Evil Bob will attack with all 3 attack styles, all of which are going to be projectile based and that will have their own look to them, he will switch attack styles every 7 attacks, randomly. His max hit with his attacks will be 25.

Once Evil Bob has been defeated he will be banished from the Realm of the Random events, the random event's will all thank you for your assistance in freeing their brothers and sisters from the tyranny of Evil Bob and you will gain the following rewards!

15k Construction Experience - upon quest completion 18k Magic Experience - given to you by the wise old man 10k Cooking, Agility and Herblore experience. - given to you by the Sandwich Lady, Wise Old man and Dr. Jekyll respectively.

The drunken dwarf will give you some ob the good stuff.

The Genie will reward you with a 10k xp lamp in any skill over level 30 of your choosing.

Molly & Postie pete will reward you with a necklace (Postmans Medallion) that allows you to teleport to any of postie petes locations around Gielinor.
Castle Wars, the Falador Party Room, Varrock Palace library, Ice Mountain, and the Ardougne Zoo. (Excluded the Bandit Camp in wilderness)

Please let me know what you think, thoughts and concerns etc in the comments below. I spent a lot of time trying to piece this together, and hopefully some of you guys enjoy the idea! And eventually the quest if we're lucky. Thank you guys and see you in Runescape!

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I'd rather see this as a quest series, similar to the RFD quest, with mini-quests for each random event.

I also don't think it is necessary to have a fight against every random event. At the end, sure it makes sense - similar to RFD. But a lot of the random event NPCs never were aggressive, so it just doesn't make sense to me that al the anti-versions would be. There's ways to make content engaging and challenging without a fight.
My Suggestions:
Cross Minigame Reward Shop - waiting since December 26th 2013
Spelunking - non-combat raids

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