Boss practicing system.

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Jun Member 2018


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Just as the title suggest. Would it be possible to integrate some sort of boss practicing system into the game. Which offered no xp, no rewards, but players could gain the experience with the combat mechanics of certain bosses without the risk of losing items.

07-Jun-2019 16:14:50

bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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could work, maybe to balance it you must pay a certain npc a high fee per boss test

for instance say i am going to fight elvarg, i need to pay this npc 600k per practice round, maybe also the cost increases the more you practice on the boss

07-Jun-2019 16:57:00

Solo Bobs
May Member 2019

Solo Bobs

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Brb gonna go practice Zuk a bunch, so I can bypass the consequence of wasting 2 hours and supplies getting back as a consequence for dying. Don't spite vote all PvP updates because of how frightened you are of PKers and then cry about how everything needs to be shoved in as integrity

07-Jun-2019 23:32:35

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