Bank Update - Equipment Preset

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i kno da way
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i kno da way

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This update would allow players to quickly withdraw AND equip customized saved sets of gear when using any bank.


1. To customize an Equipment Preset, an additional click-to-open window would be added to the bank screen, that would look similar to the current “View Equipment” tab.
2. If possible, the View Equipment tab will now be accessible while using the bank.
3. Presets may only be used for wear-able items. “Inventory Presets” would NOT be included.
4. No requirements to unlock Equipment Presets, and a feature that is available to all members at the start of the game.
5. 3 total Equipment Presets is the number that rings in my head. Not too few, not too many.


1. Quickly able to equip gear that is used for daily/repetitive task, ex: Farming Runs, PvM/PvP.
2. Eliminates the annoyance of grabbing the same items, multiple times a day. (Especially when grinding).


1. This is a “convenience” update which is a questionable subject to the OSRS community.

Questions to the Community and Myself:
1. Should there be requirements to unlock “Equipment Presets”? Ex: Total Level or Quest Points.
2. Should there be a fee/cooldown period required to edit presets? Or should there be no limit on how many times you can edit your “Equipment Presets”.
3. Should this be a member only feature?

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