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uwu Tokyo
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uwu Tokyo

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Hello everyone! Ever since I have played Runescape, mainly oldschool as I quit in 2008, was the lack of transparency in regards to what things in-game do. For example,

What does each point of prayer bonus actually do ?
What does each level up of my magic stat do?
What does the long-range/accurate/rapid attack mode actually do?
What is the attack speed of weapons and their max hits?
I could go on and on as there are so many things I have wondered why they do not include the full details of.

This information is obviously available and I have always had to go to 3rd party websites to find out the full details, but as it is available, why is it not implemented into the game, maybe there is a reason? It would help new players understand the importance of many in-game aspects and help them determine which items are better than others, and even help experienced players understand in detail what a certain aspects of the game is capable of.

I have been playing Runescape for over 10 years on and off and there are so many aspects on the game I am not entirely sure of. Please take more time to make things in the game more transparent and more detailed. It would help new players and experienced players alike and add that aspect of detail (almost) every MMORPG game entails. Thank you for reading

18-May-2019 18:05:02

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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Hey Rawr,

I've moved this to the Old School Content Suggestions section as this appears to be more of a suggestion rather than a simple talking point.

Definitely agree that these kind of features would be useful.

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18-May-2019 18:59:33

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So would you prefer more detail in the skills tab?

Maybe hovering over attack styles would have pop-out messages like:

Increases attack speed by 1 game tic
Ranged XP

Increases attack distance by 1 tile
Ranged / Defence XP

You'd need to detail each change that you want. You've identified the problem, now work on the solution.
My Suggestions:
Cross Minigame Reward Shop - waiting since December 26th 2013
Spelunking - non-combat raids

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