Add more muggers.

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There are many bots in f2p so I suggest adding level 12 muggers to places like varrock mines and near popular wc places like yew logs. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

30-Jun-2019 12:56:17

bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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i would like to see more dangerous npcs near bot areas like how there are dark wizards at draynor, maybe more then muggers like highwayman, bears etc, also make the animal ones aggressive to all levels as an animal won;'t be able to tell that someone is wearing full rune armor

30-Jun-2019 16:37:39

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Supporting that 100% Awesome idea. Before random events could be dismissed as an option, they were a great way to disrupt bots.


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Draco Burnz said:
Notcool97 said:
Once that happens they can just add Elvargs to those locations.

No support to this or OP's "idea".

Draco Burnz' opinion weights nothing, please ignore and continue this interesting suggestion.

Muggers are the embodiment of failed adventurers or civilians who took the "easy way". There being only about 4 muggers in the whole game is barely realistic, some more muggers living close to other cities would do.

10-Jul-2019 22:58:53

Loot Kid
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Loot Kid

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support. there are too many level 3 bots in ftp, it's not worth my time leveling woodcut,.
I think jagex supports them though as it encourages you to get on a p2p server where there are fewer bots.

11-Jul-2019 11:32:25

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