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Hello, I have a love for old school Runescape. What brought me back into the game was the fact that they re-released old school and player killing was back. Sadly members multi pking at Varrock is dead. So i had to switch to non member pking. I have had a lot of fun in the game because of non members. I like many other pkers or non members, are also members. I wanted to make a proposition. If non members pking brought me back like many others, and there are a few things from members that became non members. What if other items were available to non members for pking or having fun.
For example, Potions. What if non members also received the potions like attack, range, defense, and prayer. Not the supers version but the lower end. Adding more weapons to non members would be amazing as well. It could possibly attract a whole group of new players. When word gets around things become viral. For weapons like ranging, what if we got an equivalent to a magic bow without a special attack. What if we could get different weapons for combat, weapons for melee that are not stronger than dragon but are than rune. Even new rings and necklaces for players. I mean this is a lot to ask for, but i am sure developers would be up for the challenge. Not only will their jobs be more stable, but there will be extra revenue. The company will be able to produce more things for players in RS3 and Old School. This is just me suggesting more things for players in non members to have fun. There can be a prerequisite to using such items in non members like being a member. These are suggestions, there are no guarantees that it will cause an explosion of players to come back to old school, but it can definitely help with the process. I would honestly, keep my membership active if this was the case. I would love to have a variety of fighting equipment to have fun with.
Why non members? well because it already has a popular ambience.

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