Your ultimate villain?

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Simple question, really. With everyone set to have their story unfold in a different way, who do you see as being the "main antagonist" of your personal story? Are you playing your story with the mindset of working towards defeating that character?

For me, it would be Zamorak. As a Zarosian, I am determined to pay him back for betraying the Empty Lord, and let us not forget the countless lives lost when Zamorak destroyed Forinthty.

For the record, even though this thread is outright asking you to declare who you see as your greatest enemy, please refrain from faction-bashing. So, nothing like "I want Saradomin to die, and prove to his followers why it was stupid of them to follow him." None of that. This is meant to focus on your relationship with a particular character - and I do mean character, so don't try to be clever by calling Jagex or any of its employees your "enemy" - rather than why you think that a certain group of players is inherently wrong for siding with that character.

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I have no real antagonist.

I am the antagonist.

(Well, actually, anybody who gets in my way is my antagonist. But I can't blame them.)

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It doesn't matter who is there. I see no point in interfering with them when I am following my own path. If someone were to step in my way I would clearly step beside them and walk away. If they were to try and stop me then I can't promise them that fate will be merciful to them. I work better when I walk alone my own path. As I stray away from everyone else taking the best action I can for my Lord, the only real enemies are those who try to stop me and those who try to change me.

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Zoli Ben

Zoli Ben

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My true antagoinists right now:

Sliske and Zaros

Sliske have been betraying me all the times, started the second God Wars and wants to turn me into a wight. Zaros will rise to power and be the puppet master behind all thing and it seems Jagex wants him to win, no matter what in the end. Also, I told Wahisietel that I am a devout Zamorakian in Temple at Senntisten and they see me as their ally, which will result bad for them in the upcoming quest. (You really can do that.)

Former antagonists:

Yelps and Lucien

Lucien was the antagonist whom I tought to be the most powerful being in whole RuneScape, thats it until Ritual of the Mahjarrat where he is killed by Sakirth. As for Yelps, he has been trolling me in regards to rewards I get from wheel and it was so close always to get the juicy reward. Now Yelps will soon die in my game.

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Sliske! Without a doubt. He's the Dr. Moriarty to my Sherlocke Holmes. I'm always preparing for his schemes, and I never leave my ring of visibility at home...just in case.

He wants to divide the factions, I want to unite them. He wants chaos, I want peace. He likes to control others, I'd rather be upfront with them. And I especially dislike the way he dishonours the souls of the dead by practicing necromancy. That's why I'm researching necromancy and ways to specialize at unravelling necromantic magicks (story if like a van helsing/exorcist figure)

So yeah, Sliske gotta die.

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my enemy should be sliske and zaros and saradomin but frankly only saradomin is on my list

sliske: cant hate him, if i could choose a second faction it will be him ^_^

zaros: going to wait until the quest comes out before im going to make my mind about him, i all ways keep in mind what azzy said

saradomin: he had his chance and now he will die and i will have his head on my wall next to the kbd
"If you believe you can distance yourself from the harm you cause, you're deluding yourself. You're not some mindless tool. You're accountable. Your actions will catch up with you eventually." -Jedi Master Jun Seros; Swtor Bounty Hunter storyline.

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Mod Osbourne. I have the feeling he is going to make Kara-Meir (One of like... two seen Godless NPCs with dialogue) even more crazy and warmonger-ish and that'll make the rest of us look like bad. At this rate, Zaros will go on a killing spree and be hailed as the one benevolent true God, to bitter distaste of good story writing.

If you want an actual serious answer, Lucien was my primary antagonist in the Fifth Age, right until the point he got Zamorak'd with the Elder Staff. The only logical antagonists I have in mind right now would be the Necrosryte (Spelling?) Dragonkin and The Joker Sliske.

Or that jolly man who should be in his mushroom house. Steal my wand one more time, I dare you.

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Malchyom said:

He destroyed an entire world.

That's cause enough for me to hate him and to see his downfall at the hands of the Empty Lord.

That's not true at all. It was the other gods who destroyed the world - Saradomin only destroyed one city, then tried to make amends and protect the naragi from the other gods. He failed.
"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you[...]For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have?

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Zoli Ben said:
Sliske have been betraying me all the times, started the second God Wars and wants to turn me into a wight.

Eh, I don't think Sliske has betrayed the player, since he's never sworn any sort of loyalty to you. 'Tricked' is probably a more suitable term, or 'manipulated'.

And since Guthix allowed Sliske to kill him, I'd say they share an equal amount of blame for the second god wars.

I don't think we understand enough of Sliske's true motivations to classify him as a villain.
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