A Grave Tragedy

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On this very day 12 years ago on 6/6/06, Durial321 abused a glitch after everyone was booted from Cursed Yew's 99 construction party. He proceeded to kill the people of Falador in what could only be described as an act of sheer terror and in retrospect hilarity as he whipped and flogged his many victims to death with an Abby Whip.
Many Party Hats were lost on this day, as well as even more lives. May the lives of the fallen rest in peace.

Today we remember the hundreds that died to this glitch either by Durial's hand, or one of the others who were slaying people.

I am unsure as to whether this fits here, since it is in fact RS lore, but on the other hand it is player lore that left a mark on the world itself.
Death to the Wizard's Tower!!!

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I was heading into Falador when I got hit, and high tailed it thanks to my glory to Edgeville Don't ever think the reason I am peaceful is because I do not know how to be violent.
Ekki hugsa alltaf a g s frislt vegna ess a g veit ekki hvernig a vera ofbeldi.

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