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Lego Miester said:
NonMax Jake said:

Also, what are all of your favourite MTX events? And updates?

Goddamn I loved Squeal of Fortune. That ear-bleeding noise every time you moused over his icon? Holy crap, I missed it immediately when it was gone. You'd better believe when he was implemented in game the first thing I did was give him a big old kiss on the cheek,

with a barrelchest anchor, at full force.

It's a good thing that his replacements have managed to be, while less nostalgically ear-grating, just as persistently obnoxious and in-your-face. Why on earth did they cut the idea of adding a THIRD treasure hunter button in the interface? I never want it off my screen!

One TH button is enough as one Portable Vic is enough for an hour's worth. If players want to buy they will buy without showing them more buttons.

23-Sep-2019 19:07:02

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