Dev Blog: The Month of QoL

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Dev Blog: The Month of QoL

We need your quality of life suggestions!

During February we want to make a whole host of Quality of Life updates to Old School. You know the sort of thing, all those little jobs that never quite get to the top of the priority list. These little jobs can make a big impact and now that Jad 2 isn't coming until 2017, we've put aside February just to get these jobs done.

Every week in February there will be a new poll. Each poll will be themed around a different subject, skilling, PvM, PvP and one for everything else. Each poll will contain the top 10 Quality of Life suggestions that you want.

Our goal is to turn these updates around very quickly and to get as many great quality of life changes into Old School as we can throughout February.

This week we will be running a top 10 poll for skilling quality of life changes and we need to know what you want to see the most!

We will be keeping a keen eye on all of the platforms where Old School players share their thoughts to pick out the most highly requested changes. We will also be diving into the backlog to dig out as many great suggestions as we can get our hands on!

Criteria for quality of life suggestions

The quality of life updates to come throughout February need to tick a few boxes in order to be considered as our goal with these polls is to turn around a lot of useful updates in a short period of time:

  • Must not require engine work
  • Must not require graphics work
  • Must not require web work
  • Must be quality of life updates which have a lot of support from the community

  • If your suggestion meets all of the above, you may well see it in the top 10 QoL skilling requests poll coming this Thursday!

    Following this week's skilling poll we will also be running polls for PvM, PvP and a general QoL poll.

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    The Old School Team


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    Love how everything is based on the communities requested content. #Respect

    An upgraded Chinchompa cave? Currently the Hunting expert will only give you entry to the Red chinchompa hunting ground after completing the Hard Western Provinces Diary.

    Maybe you could add black Chinchompas in a corner, so it'll be a mix of red and black Chincompas?

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    For PvM

    Noted sire drops (I think that's already happening, not sure).
    No randoms in the Sire lair.
    One person can open the door for DK's instead of two.
    Maybe a 2nd dks lair,last poll only failed by a few 0.% or so
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    One-click use water @ blast furnace

    Bank presets for inv/worn (engine work?)

    Take away dialogue options when entering Hardwood Grove after achievement diary

    More noted drops from slayer monsters
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    I know this week is skilling but I thought I'd write down some ideas that have been passed onto me and that i've thought of

    Left Click Add Dynamite
    Noted Sire Drops
    Toggle for ancient wild teleports (confirm option)
    Shuffle options for rs music
    Make left clicking the cannon the same tick speed as using cannonballs on cannon
    When you set-up your cannon or you re-fill cannonballs to 30 from 0 make it auto-fire
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    For PvM -

    Noted sire drops (I think that's already happening, not sure).
    No randoms in the Sire lair.
    One person can open the door for DK's instead of two.

    For skilling -

    Left click to water the fruits in the Tithe minigame.
    Left click to add dynamite in blast mining.
    Allow players to move and interact with their inventory while their cat is catching a rat for spices.
    Change it so the spices you retrieve from the rats are on top of the ashes to allow players to pick up the spice with left click instead of right click.

    Glad the community gets to decide on these updates.
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    I don't know how popular these suggestions will be with the community, but this is what I would like:

    1. An order counter for the gnome delivery minigame to track how many orders you have completed, much like how it was added to clue scrolls. I understand that it won't be able to backtrack orders you have already completed and tally them, and that's fine.

    2. Make it so you can light fires on top of flowers. Some people like to plant flowers in the lines people are firemaking in to annoy them, I don't think it's fair that the firemaker should be forced to move elsewhere.

    3. Controversial, but perhaps make it so getting favour in one house in Zeah doesn't decrease that in other houses? Or maybe something similar that won't take several hours/days to regain full access to a house. I understand the idea of the replay value in gaining favour, but if I want to train rc/mining/farming with the new methods I only get to choose one, or commit many many hours into preparing for training the other one EVERY time I want to train the other skill. This is rather discouraging and doesn't make me want to make full use of Zeah really. If I could gain 100% in several houses, then perhaps just have to go through dialogue with an npc member of each house to regain alignment with that house with access to all the benefits, I and I imagine many others would be more inclined to train there.

    4. Speaking of Zeah, blast mining currently doesn't live up to the gp rates given in the update due to the price of dynamite (sells for 2k ea). Currently, dynamite is not expensive enough for it to be worth making to sell to others for profit, and too expensive to be really worth buying to use in blast mining yourself. Sure the xp rates are better than motherlode mine, but the gp rates certainly aren't due to dynamite being way too expensive. Perhaps an npc could sell dynamite to those with 100% favour for a reasonable price? Something like 500-1000ea would make it worthwhile.

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