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Hi everyone :-)

So I have added the winauth.exe on a USB and also the winauth.xml
Both files are the only files on the usb disk, and both are on the root.

Tried launching the winauth.exe program on another PC
Winauth launches but I get "invalid password"

I actually get invalid password as soon as I launch the program.
And again once I insert my winauth password.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Merry Xmas :-)
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27-Dec-2017 20:33:09

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi barsnoop

Put the USB stick back in the original PC where you set it up, and have a look at the settings to make sure that you do not have the "only usable on this PC" option enabled.

To check the options, start winauth, enter your password, click the cog-wheel, click 'Change protection', and enter your password again.
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I recently purchased a new phone and my authenticater is not up to date. I tried to log in with the stupid thing enabled and it won't let me. It keeps saying it will send an email to me, but I haven't received any email. Yes it is the correct email address. Can somebody help me disable this thing?

12-Jan-2018 21:43:23

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Hi there

Firstly, check your email settings to make sure that emails from Jagex are not on the blocked sender list.

Secondly, work through the points on the Not receiving emails support page.
Then try sending the 'disable authenticator' email again.

While the 'disable authenticator' email is an automated email and should send straight away, players often experience problems with it.
Either the email travels slowly or the email provider you use is treating is as a spam email and not forwarding it.

If you have worked through all the troubleshooting instructions, sent yourself another 'disable' email and then waited several more hours without success, you probably need to go to Plan B which is to change the registered email.

The links to do this are at the top of the 'not receiving emails' support page.
Try changing the registered email via 'Fix it fast: My account settings' first.
If that doesn't work either (no email arrives), use the 'Fix it fast: Reset my password' button.
If using the 'Fix it fast: Reset my password' method, you need to enter your login then indicate 'No' to the email hint question and you will be taken to a form to fill out.
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13-Jan-2018 02:17:36

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