"Offences removed" - but not?

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V Wisery V
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Hello all,

I recently recovered an account which had been compromised and (apparently) botted on, there are 2 offences from 2015 for Macroing Major.

I submitted an appeal recently and yesterday I got the reply from Mod Gambit that:

"After a comprehensive review of this account, we identified a period of unusual activity around the time of the offence. As a result, we've removed any offences which occurred during this time as we believe they were not committed by the creator of this account."'

This email and in-game message was received yesterday January 19th (U.S.) at 10:00am. I noticed the email last night and checked the account's status - neither of these offences have been removed or quashed or what-have-you. Now this morning - still banned. I could not make this forum post using the now should-be-unbanned account, as it's still banned....

I tried looking at the options on the Account Support area and I don't see anything that lets me tell Jagex "This account is still banned but you said you can tell it wasn't me and had removed the offences." without sending another appeal...

Is there usually a delay in the offences actually being removed and the account being unbanned? My account status has not changed. :(

Any suggestions/advice?

Thanks in advance.

(ETA: There are no other offences on the account.)

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Hey there.

They might of just forgotten to remove the ban from your account after doing the review of it which we all do forgot sometimes, but don't worry it'll be fine since your account was clear to then be unbanned.

Tell me the banned account display name - When you let me know I'll pass this on for you :)
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Hey there V Wisery V.

Please remove your Login name from your post (that can be a security risk) , just give Stevie5646 your display name :)
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