Cannot log into runescape

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dabbed dumb

dabbed dumb

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I have forgotten the old email I had set and I had the runescape accumulator set on my phone and my old phone broke so now I am not able to log onto my account and need help asap pleas help I have been a member for months and still have the runescape cards to prove this is my accout

20-Jan-2018 16:09:11

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dabbed dumb

If you cannot access your email address to disable authenticator, you'll need to recover your account instead. To do that, click here, then click 'Fix It Fast: Reset My Password' -- When prompted about your email address, select 'No' and continue the process

Once you've successfully recovered:

* Your authenticator will be disabled, allowing you to set up a new one if you wish
* The old inaccessible email address will no longer be associated with your account

I've also moved your thread to the Community Led Account Help section :)

20-Jan-2018 22:11:48

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