MSB Increased My Attack Level

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Hello all,

I am very distraught and I attempted to reach Jagex through the in-game bug reporting button.. but to no avail. I am just looking for a way to reach Jagex regarding this issue. I have been a loyal RS player since the early 2000's and absolutely love this game. While F2P Pking on my striclty F2P account I switched from my Maple Shortbow to my Rune 2h sword to land the final stack/blow and take out my opponent. I am not sure if this is due to an update, but usually the attack style will stay the same. If I am attacking on Rapid with my bow and switch to my 2h it should stay on strength.. but for whatever reason it no longer does that. It switches it to a different style upon switching to a different weapon. This now makes F2P pkin almost impossible for pures and has ruined my account. I'm surprised no one else has comes forth with this issue..or maybe they have found a different method of pking. Anyway, I love love love this game and If I have to create another account I will.. but I am hoping for a positive resolution.. Please someone reach back out to me. -Saxin

20-May-2019 21:04:49



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It's currently not possible to rollback or revert stat or xp on request! Especially at OS!
You guys really have to watch carefully what kind of attack style you have before switching weapon!
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22-Jun-2019 10:50:17

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When this first happened jagex took months to reroll everyones xp. But that was
back in feb and now its too late. The way it works in game is how its gonna stay
is my understanding.. Will just have to figure out new way to pk.
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22-Jun-2019 10:53:01

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