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Hi there

This is a difficult case.

To try to get the account locked, tweet @jagexsupport giving the account display name and tell them you cannot secure the account because you don't have computer access.
The JMod staffing @jagexsupport will only lock the account if they can see clear evidence of hijacker access.
The problem with this is the @jagexsupport Twitter account is only staffed during UK daytime hours and it will be twelve hours before a JMod will be able to action your request.

Other than the tweet, the only other way you can get the account locked is to do the process yourself and you need computer access to be able to do so. It can't be done from a mobile device.
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02-Jan-2018 21:35:40

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i loggning på spelet är ogiltigt rävnamn tom och zenk hello i just want tbx my acc so i can play have tried to take tbx the 10 times but they are being asked wrong can you help me please bend over

11-Jan-2018 15:01:39

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