Wrongful ban please help

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my account(not this one) has been banned/hacked and I would appreciate you looking into this matter because I have done nothing wrong. It says I used 3rd party something or another. I dont even know what that means,I have only ever been a true player to your game for many years. I have spent countless hours devoting my life to your game, it's all I have. please & thank you for looking into this. I am so scared to lose all I have worked for in this game and I just want my account back so again I beg of you look into this matter and truly see i have done nothing wrong.

28-Jun-2019 20:11:36

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Ebeth.

I would suggest you to look into this page :

Read it all on that page and use the appeal.

Good luck :)
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From the sounds of it your account has been compromised. Please note that these forums are ran by other players and should not be used as a method to get in contact with Jagex.

Seeing as you still have access to the account the first step would be to change the password and e-mail address of the account.

As you have already filed a Ban Appeal there is nothing we can do for you at this moment other then give you some directions on how you can improve account security to prevent this from happening in the future. Below I have linked some articles to help you improve your account security.

Information about account security

- Securing my RuneScape account
- Changing my RuneScape account password
- Keeping my RuneScape account safe.
- Setting up 2-step authentication for RuneScape

If you require more assistance please let us know but for now best of luck on the ban appeal.
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Oh my you actually replied! :D I am so glad you did. I had no idea it was ran by players. I am just so scared to lose this account because I have worked extremely hard to earn everything on that account and I am on the brink of tears because I honestly haven't done anything or used anything like it said I have. Also as a side note to the mods some users in the fishing guild are extremely mean to females in a very lewd and cruel way. Again thank you so much :/ I just want my account back

28-Jun-2019 20:54:13

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