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I think I've tried basically everything I can think of to solve this issue. It's only present on Chrome (yes, it's up to date). The website doesn't seem to have the text aligned or boxes aligned correctly. Instead of wrapping / spreading, it all jumbles together. Everything loads lower than it should.

Here's an example of what it looks like:

Clearly the title on the page goes to two lines instead of one, and the navigation bar is scrunched.

Solomon's Store is basically unusable, since I can't click the page numbers.

I tried resetting chrome so there's no extensions and it's default settings, and the problem still persists. It works fine on Safari, so I've isolated the issue to Chrome. Runescape's website is the only site I've had this problem on.

Any idea of what I should try to do?

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Hey there Makamew,

This is just a heads up that I've moved this thread to the Community Led Technical Support section, as you're more likely to get assistance here.

I have just a few questions:

- Have you tried this on an Incognito tab in Chrome to see if the same thing occurs?

- Does resizing the window do anything to improve the issue?

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