V500 World 60 Penguins event

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Big Bob 2007
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Big Bob 2007

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An exciting announcement for V500 from World60pengs

In just *one* week now on the 20th March 2018 it will be V500 for Distractions and Diversions and World60pengs is going to celebrate in style.

I have posted some details of the event on page 3 of this thread.

For the previous milestones of V100, V200, V300 and V400 we had a mass levelling of skills to 99 and 120.

V500 is going to be more of the same.

If you want to take part in a mass leveling event and you have a skill (or skills) that you think you can get to almost level 99 or even level 120 in the next few weeks, please sign up below.

As you skill over the next few weeks, post updates in the Penguin Locations thread or this events thread with your xp levels and I'll add them to the list.

It's a great way to focus on getting that elusive 99 or 120.

Post in the following format please.

Name, Skill, Current level, Current xp.


Name, target, current progress

The list will be updated regularly so you can keep track of how you're doing.

Got all 99's or all 120's? Give yourself another challenge to complete for V500. All the diaries done, minimum level 60 or 70 etc or complete the champions challenge anything you like.
Just have fun!

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Big Bob 2007
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Big Bob 2007

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Big Bob 2007, Dungeoneering, 119, 102,551,429

Casearius, Dungeoneering, 119, 101,189,564

Joy2c, attack 98, 316724 xp to go
Joy2c , constitution 98, with 52,298 xp to go
Joy2c, defense 98, with 437,113 to go

Loki, summoning, 200 million
Loki, crafting, 119

lleu rhysmwg, herblore, 98, 12,430,771

Mel Kazul, Magic lv 119, xp 96,145,603

Mom0007, attack, 97, 10,728,905
Mom0007, Range, 98, 11,832,524
Mom0007, Defence, 98, 11,963,126
Mom0007, Strength, 98, 12,710,101
Mom0007, Dungeoneering, 96, 10,224,104

NobleK, Crafting, 99

Snowbuddy, Slayer, 117, 84,420,000

Toolmkr, Thieving, 98, 13,006,684
Toolmkr, Fletching, 98, 13,017,402

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