Runescape 3 PVP and risk.

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This is a call for your opinion. Yes you, bring your friends too.

Right now, I think the wilderness pretty much dead content. I think this is because you lose all your items upon death. The number of people actively spending time in the wilderness makes me feel like I might not be the only one.

Personally, I'd like to see the Wilderness turned into a PVE zone. Same death mechanics as current PVE gameplay, and leave risked PVP to clan wars red/purple portal and staking.

I'd like to know, in Runescape 3 and Runescape 3 only.. Is Dropping your items on death an outdated concept? Would you like to see it changed or purged from the game entirely? Or do you like it, and think it should stay? Either way, let me know!

19-Nov-2017 04:31:58

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I think the current reward mechanics for pking in the wildy, are poor relative to what they could be.

The value of a kill determined by whether or not your opponent had protect item prayer/curse up at the time that you defeated them. That's a sucky mechanic!

It leads to risked items consisting of a throwaway set of cheap armour, with a high-level weapon.

The divide between different types of PvP has always between 'safe' (no items dropped on death) and 'dangerous' (everything dropped, subject to a few caveats) - But what if it were somewhere between the two? Partial risk! In which players risk a proportion of the value of items carried.

I know I've said this before on these forums, but imagine if when you died in the wildy, you were teleported to Death's office and had to pay a proportion of the total value of wealth carried to get your stuff back. The guy who killed you, gets rewarded accordingly by Death.

In such a system, you might not be able to smite yourself a nox, but every time you kill someone carrying one, you'll get a reward proportionate to the value. Current modifiers, such as protect item prayer/curse, and fury shark would instead have risk-reducing properties, rather than offering absolute protection to an item.

Wouldn't that be better than what we have now?

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I like the bases of the idea and it would probably revive the wilderness a bit which needs to happen. And Mikelle you're also probably one of those f2p one itemers that he's talking about which is why the wilderness is dead. Especially on membets worlds.

21-Nov-2017 18:13:06

Mikelle X
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Mikelle X

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The Real

l0l why saying BS ? i have maxed pure 1def (mikelle) , one of few left there. newer in life 1 itemed and i do f2p only.

and yes, its true if jagex would start really working on wildy , someone from mods would need to remove persons who are 1iteming because yes, ppl leave wildy rage coz of them.

prob u dont even know what pvp is.
come fight me ;)

29-Nov-2017 22:45:16

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