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Str Again
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Str Again

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Hi Motleyy! Best of luck!

If I'm mistaken you are someone I knew ages ago when I used a different account name (I X Str X 1). I no longer play that account as I lost the email associated with it, but I just recently started a new one.

Decided to go through the G&A and see if I remember anyone from the good ol' days, and there you were!
Str's Progress

11-Nov-2018 16:27:26

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Motley807 said:
My Update

Sooo, going with the usual theme of I disappear for months on end with very little activity, I shall update my thread!

Another annual update...

I'm saying it's annual because apparently I only post once a year on this thread, I check up on it and edit the posts every now and again to keep it semi-up-to-date. Even though my playtime has been off-and-on as it pretty much has been since I started university several years ago, I have still managed to accomplish probably my best achievement since maxing - and that's the goal of 120 Slayer! I love slayer and wanted to get 120 since master capes were released, and albeit being the last of my friend group to get it, I still have it nonetheless! Thank you everyone for their support and help throughout, and onwards onto the next goal - 120 Prayer!

09-Sep-2019 00:29:03

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