Max cape, before 5 years cape.

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Hi, my current goal since the day I started playing 10 months ago (only played 9 tho) was to get the max cape as fast as I can, almost 1 year later I'm starting to think I will achieve that.
Right now my total lvl is 2208 and 142m total xp.
My plan for maxing would be first max in combat since I loved eoc (I stopped playing in 2008 so it was new to me)
Right now i'm 136 combat with.
90 Attack
90 Strenght
99 Defence
99 Magic
99 Range
99 Constitution
95 Prayer
88 Summon (Lots of charms waiting the double xp weekend)
. Those are the skills I plan in get 99 this year, together with Dungeoneering and Slayer.
For next year I will work on gathering skills. also while working on ports.
After that I will do the boring skills, Agi, Rc, Div, Construction, farming.
right now my biggest problem is farming, I just dont like it, is my lowest skills, and I always forget to train it,
So if anyone have any tip that could help me acheive my goal, and any suggestion about what I should change, I am listening. Ty for reading.:P

(Sorry if any typo was made, english isn't my first lenguage)

24-Apr-2015 20:10:25

Laced Thongs
Jul Member 2018

Laced Thongs

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Farming is ment to be passive, Just do a farm run once a day and you will get 99 in no time i used to hate the farming skill till i understood its really and afk passive background skill

19-Sep-2017 18:40:31

Apr Member 2017


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i made an account but left it as soon as i created it, forgot the password. i finally remembered it 3 years later. its now my best account i have, in only 10 months i have it at total lv 2362 and lv 138 combat . im going to max combat before the year ends and move toward maxing in under 2 years. pssst....we know who you are. Hail Sithis!

01-Nov-2017 02:46:02

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