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OG Lions
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OG Lions

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Lowkey I don't have any runescape friends that keep tabs on me, and my clan notices when the 99 is announced, but I don't think they've noticed the extent I've made over the past two months, I went from 3 99's to 11 in 2 months since I've came back to runescape. :) Super stoked, most progress I've made in a short stint, given those skills were in the high 80s or early 90s, I still made a huge milestone of adding 11 more skillcapes to my bank, aswell as catching up on all my quests and obtaining 409 Quest points, my true goal is maxed but I need some help with socializing with people. :(

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Prime Dorje
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Congratulations man. Feeling the same way here. My account is 13 years old. Back in november 2018 I had like 3 99's. Till i had surgery and was 2 months out. Literally almost maxed my account in those months. (Stats were 93+) My clan noticed it indeed, but yeah, I feel you, being a lone wolf in the game.

You can hit me up if you want to :)

04-Sep-2019 22:15:29

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This has been a huge summer for questing for me!

I used to hate quests after a bad experience with the old demon slayer... I died, lost all my stuff, and was devastated (and terrified of that dumb dark wizard circle! Still get a little nervous walking by at 106 combat, lol) Lately though, I’ve really come to enjoy getting immersed in the storyline! (Thank you, song from the depths, for introducing me to the beautiful world quests could be)

Anyways two crazy quest completions for me recently:

1. Plague’s End in July
2. The World Wakes earlier today

Really proud of myself, especially considering I’ve always thought of myself as someone “who could never solo boss anything.”

Now, I just need to get my butt back to Ape Atoll and escape that dang jail cell, lol :)

08-Sep-2019 05:27:05

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Aiming for 99 Crafting with harps and 99 Herblore by warbands, might squeeze 99 Construction in that way as well. Quests to finish are Sliske's Endgame and Curse of the Black Pearl.. I mean Stone.

Good luck with all your goals and together we shall prevail.

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08-Sep-2019 06:54:35

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08-Sep-2019 10:59:47

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Finally reached Trouble Brewing. The rest of the quest should be a cake walk but we'll see.
Edit: And it was. I can proudly announce I have finished RotM.
Got Ralph at ~62.799.196 xp.

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