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15-Jun-2019 22:08:33

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how are you not 200m all now you begged on all the forums back in the day if you donate ill give back double later on runezone etc how are u still so far behind^
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25-Sep-2019 16:13:17

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Mahtavata - Agility! Well you're in my Cooking, Fletching & Firemaking shadow :p What do you mean : "not getting any"? If memebers was cheaper I'd make an Iron/Hardcore & do Agility!
Alyoshka - Thanks!
Soaky - Thanks!
ParkwayDr - Thanks!
wfo - Thanks!
Thefty- Indeed it will! Taking a lot longer to do since I worked 2 jobs from March 2014 to October 2016 & thanks!
Meowbourne - Indeed! Yeah it's a very Big Goal to do & I'll do it!
Vulfbehrt - Yeah!
Dark Siren - Thanks! Road to Awesomeness!
Tify - Indeed Epic Goals! Thanks for the support!
Pippyspot - Thanks!
Hyles - Thanks!
D - Woah nice to get support from both "D" & "E"! Thanks!
Mr Frosty - Yeah when someone is inactive for 3 months they are Removed from the Hisocres until they log back in.
Green Cafe - Thanks! Green!
Gaijin Gyoro - Thanks!
Cws - Thanks!
Spin On It - Indeed it's an Awesome Goal! Thanks!
Quick Chat - Hey :) TFS! Thanks!
TradeMe5kPlz - Ah sorry I didn't make a post earlier about it! I don't remember what I was working on then? :(
Autark - Ah see above same answer ^ & thanks!
dape - Thanks!
Bx is a God - Thanks!
Genocyber - Ah yeah it's nice to be back @ #1 when thwy are inactive they are removed from the Hisocres until they log back in. Toast!
E M R E - Thanks!
FEMA - Hope you had a Good 2018 & doing Good in 2019! Thanks!
Ladyolake - Thanks!
Mr Grimm3 - Thanks & I will stick with it until it's done!
Never RIP - Indeed 2018 was Old since it's 2019 now! :)
Ironman Gup - Thanks! You don't need to Bump this since I Bump it when it's not on the 1st page.
Daddy Wolfey - Thanks!
Stats To Max - I had 2 Jobs from March 2014 to October 2016 so I barely had any time to play! Since I was working 60-80+ hours a week :) The Largest Donation Trade I got was 80M & I need like 20B+ so that's why I'm so far behind & not 200M All yet!I also have 3 other accounts with 200M Cooking Exp now :) so those accounts took time away from playing on this account. Accepting Donations & I'll be paying back an Extra 40%!
Going for 200M All Skills QFC: 48-49-837-63099395
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14-Oct-2019 02:55:19

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