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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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Sings song too:

Banana Slug, Banana Slug, I like them, they’re beautiful
Banana Slug, Banana Slug, They’re part of the circle.
Sticky as peanut butter, shade of yellow, Look like banana and oh so mellow
Good life givers, living on the ground, Chewing on leaves when they fall down.
On the side of their head there’s an all-purpose hole, they’ve got one foot and plenty of soul.
All day long they work and toil munching down duff to renew the soil.
They make soil to grow new trees. Trees make air for us to breathe
They’re part of the circle that lets things grow. So be kind to banana slugs and let things flow.
If you’re walking down a path and see a slug, you can bend down and hold it, give it a hug
You can pick it up it won’t bite or kick. You can show it that you like it just give it a lick.
Banana slug, slug , slug, slug, slug, slug, Banana Slug!
~~~Short Stories~~~
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Written by me :P :D

14-May-2018 07:40:51

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