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Rikornak said:
I must admit: Something like unlocking the storage of non-core ores and bars is a great quest reward: It is interesting enough for players to actually get it, as it even opens up new methods to use a skill (i.e. smelting a full inventory of gemmed jewellery at once), but it isn't really something a player needs to have in their repertoire (unlike to let's say ancient curses now). Since it is a passive ability is also will always remain attractive, unlike to let's say the skilling items awarded by sliske's endgame, which had largely been outperformed nowadays.

It isn't like Jagex had taken something away from specialized accounts (f2ps, skillers,...), they just haven't given that functionality to them - you hadn't had it before the update either. Since those metals aren't used in smithing (except for smelting and a few quest items) it's not even like they've withheld smithing functionality from you.

Former members having this functionality permanently unlocked is an issue though, so I'd suggest they shouldn't be able to store more gold/silver while on a free world (but be able to use the ore/bars already stored). That wouldn't be too different to the additional gofannon amulet charges a member could earn.
Hmm. Maybe change the gold-smith gauntlets effects from an xp bonus to giving the double bar chance?

That way there would be a special benefit to doing the quest.

Locking F2P players from being able to use the metal bank for gold just seems like a contrived way to make them use up one more bank slot. Which seems ridiculous to be honest. As the entire point of the metal bank was to save you bank space.
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