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No support to adding it to the Message Center for the reason Uncle Pob brought up.

But I could see the appeal as a standalone, in-game feature, with some restrictions. I don't think people should be able to send mail to random players, so it should probably require at least one of the following:

a) Both players have had the other added to their Friends List for at least one week.
b) Both players are part of the same clan, and the sender is a ranked member of said clan, or the message is a response to a ranked member's mail.

Obviously, you wouldn't be able to send mail to players who have blocked you.

I feel like there could be a "post office" run by the Pete family that operates out of the Grand Exchange locations, which is where you'd be able to send or receive mail. Seems like a nice central in-game location to do it, plus would prevent the receiver from being inundated with new mail all at once upon logging in. It'd also give Postie Pete an in-game purpose outside of Parcels from the Hedge and popping up randomly to visit the other Petes. :P

21-Feb-2019 00:39:36

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