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Guys a small reminder to everyone!

Posted on 24 Feb 2014


I come to notice there's still people in our clan who don't know the meaning of sharing stuff at CITADEL. I'll say this one last time. COLLECT YOUR COAL, ORES AND BARS IN EQUAL QUANTITIES! DON'T GO STEALING AROUND PEOPLE THEYRE COLLECTED RESOURCES.

I'm not sure what we could do about this continued problem, but I want to suggest that when we find the persons doing so, we will downrank him back to banana rank. This might seem a bit drastic and I like to hear the opinion of other clan leaders. Maybe some other suggestions anyone? this is really getting annoying and I hate to point this out once again. Mistakes can happen, but have to put a line somewhere.
I want this to be clear, so please add a message on forum you read this or pm me in GAME

Ty all

Stay Frosty ~~

Gelderbald Added

I agree 100% with Frost's comments posted here about collecting and using Resources at the Citadel.

Everyone knows the issue we have with Charcoal, Ore, and Bars.

Everyone knows they must collect their own.

Everyone knows not to use Resources that they have not collected themselves.

Everyone knows not to "clean up" any "left over" ore and/or charcoal until just before the build tick (which means Thursday morning or late Wednesday night).

Everyone knows to do ore, charcoal, and bars in equal amounts.

If you collect only ores, you throw it off.

If you collect only charcoal, you throw if off.

If you do bars and haven't collected your own charcoal and ore, you steal other people's resources.

I'm not sure how we can keep making these same mistakes.

I would prefer everyone to keep it simple and follow the above rules.

If you didn't know, now you do.

If you forgot, you've now been reminded.

Thank you.

plz contact me, post on forum or tell another leader that you understand this!

~Stay Frosty

02-Sep-2014 11:22:40

Olaf Snorgle
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Olaf Snorgle

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Understood, acknowledged and endorsed by myself, Myff & moth-balled Yimtim.

it's a matter of basic respect for your clan-mates' time and effort. If you haven't dug it up or toasted it in the ovens yourself, then don't use it.

Exceptions: If you have an explicit agreement with another clannie to swap/use their resources then that's fine.

Also anything still unused on the day before tick is fair game BUT please check with anyone else busy at Citadel that you're not about to use up stuff that they have just gathered for their own immediate use.

It is disappointing that resource snitching remains an on-going point of contention - it reduces game enjoyment for those who have missed out and also reduces the benefits of clan membership.

02-Sep-2014 13:54:02 - Last edited on 02-Sep-2014 14:11:23 by Olaf Snorgle

Guthix Halos
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Guthix Halos

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Josh and Sens Max Cape Party

We watched the beautiful fireworks from each, trailed Max around and had an all around good time.

Josh and Sens of course :)


Im so glad we all got to witness and celebrate this great achievement!!!

Thanks all

03-Sep-2014 23:05:05

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